Digital Signage biz a Dubai based company whose main objective is to transform the current static and digital advertising into a different world where we could give you a control of every ad, every single screen / advertising player or location to control according to your way/choice.

No more worry about what is displayed or what you are going to see. You get to control just a click of a button away where ever you are, from where ever you want to be.

Our digital signage software solution makes life easier for all industries including such as but not limited to Automobile, Retail – hypermarket, supermarket, grocery stores, Government, Entertainment, public transport, Financial Centers – banks, Restaurants – Hotels, Corporate Communication, Education – Schools – University, Healthcare – Hospitals – Medical Stores, and advertising networks.

Driven by strategic thinking, innovative digital signage experts are ready to assist you in implement the solution just a phone call away. The combination of skill sets ensures that our product reflects the latest developments in digital signage advertising covers the whole range of signage projects from simple single screen, free standing lcd display / KIOSK to video walls and multi display environments.

Digital Signage BIZ a highly flexible digital signage solution, allowing integration with a variety of technologies.